Prepare Your Roof for a Hurricane with These Tips

At the moment, the state of Florida is in the thick of hurricane season. This annual period involves an uptick in the right conditions for powerful storms blowing in off the Atlantic Ocean. Many Americans don’t give hurricane season much thought, but it’s a potentially treacherous time if you live here in Florida. Year after year, the Sunshine State turns dark as tropical storms and hurricanes batter the beautiful coastline with what seems like a non-stop barrage of wind and rain. The inevitable result is billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sit around and hope that your roof makes it through another hurricane season. Here are some roof preparation tips to get your home ready for a hurricane in Panama City, FL.

Repair or replace broken shingles

Throughout the year, your home’s roof does its best to stay whole even as Mother Nature throws her worst its way. You can see those signs of routine wear and tear in the form of busted shingles. Shingles that are past their prime take many forms. Look for:

  • Curled or clawed shingles
  • Shingles that are broken or chipped at the edges
  • Missing shingles

If you notice these issues or any other potential problems, it’s crucial to have them fixed before the next big storm occurs. Pre-hurricane roof repairs in Panama City, FL, could make the difference between the hurricane going past your house or having its effects reach the inside of your home.

Have the roof inspected

Even if you’re not spotting problems with your roof, it’s never a bad idea to have it inspected before you’re expecting any rough weather. A professional can walk over your roof and identify issues that you’d missed and point out potential early warning signs of something dire on the horizon. Highlighting and fixing small issues can play a drastic part in preventing significant damage when a hurricane strikes.

Clean your gutters

When buckets of rain are pouring down on the roof of your home, you’re going to want to be confident that your home’s gutters are ready to funnel all of that water away from your foundation. That means ensuring your gutters are cleared and affixed securely to your home’s fascia. You should also make sure the downspouts on your home are cleared out and ready to handle severe volumes of water.

Count on the experts

Every year, more and more Floridians count on Greg’s Roofing of Bay County, Inc. for exceptional pre- and post-hurricane roof repairs in Panama City, FL. Before the storm or after it’s struck, our team of experienced professionals has a reputation for impeccable workmanship and first-rate customer service. That’s why customers have turned to us for their roofing needs since we opened in 1984.

It doesn’t matter what your roof is made of—tile, shingles, metal—we have the tools and talent your home requires. When you want the best, call Greg’s Roofing of Bay County, Inc. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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