Protecting Your Roof Against Raccoons and Squirrels Seeking Warmth in the Winter

Nobody wants to deal with pests, but it’s common for raccoons and squirrels to make their way inside roofs and attics. As the weather cools off, these animals attempt to find shelter in the warmth of attics, and they can cause all kinds of problems for homeowners once they are inside. Keep reading to find out how they get into attics and get some tips for preventing squirrels and raccoons in your roof during the winter in Panama City, FL.

Why are raccoons in my roof during winter?

Raccoons and ground squirrels don’t hibernate in the winter, so they have to find shelter from the cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions. Attics provide an ideal place for squirrels and raccoons to escape the cold weather. Not only are attics sheltered from wet weather, but they are also much warmer and offer animals protection against colder overnight temperatures. Both squirrels and raccoons can climb up trees, downspouts and other structures to access roofs. Even very small openings or weaknesses in the roof can give raccoons and squirrels access to attics.

Once they’re inside, they can cause all kinds of problems. Not only do these pests damage building materials, they can also carry diseases that have the potential to infect you, your family members and your pets. With that in mind, it’s very important for homeowners to take some steps to prevent raccoons from getting into the attic.

Preventing raccoons in your roof during the winter in Panama City, FL

There are several things homeowners can do to prevent raccoons and squirrels from getting into the attic. Here are a few steps to take to protect your home from pests this winter:

  • Inspect your home for entry points: If you’re concerned about pests getting into your attic, start by inspecting your home for entry points. Look for holes or gaps in your roof, flashing, gutters and shingles. Pay close attention, even to very small holes or gaps. Raccoons and squirrels don’t need a lot of space to access a home’s attic.
  • Get a professional inspection: If you’ve noticed some signs of roof damage that might leave your home vulnerable to pest infestation, it’s a good idea to call a professional roofing contractor for a more comprehensive inspection. A professional can identify any weaknesses you may have missed.
  • Invest in repairs: Once you’ve had your roof inspected, you should invest in repairs to fix any weaknesses or entry points that might leave your home vulnerable to squirrels and raccoons. Get repairs done as soon as possible to protect your home and minimize problems over time.

Get rid of raccoons in your roof during winter

If you’re having trouble preventing raccoons in your roof during the winter in Panama City, FL, reach out to Greg’s Roofing of Bay County, Inc. We specialize in providing comprehensive roof repair for a wide variety of roofs on commercial and residential buildings alike. Whether you’re concerned about broken flashing or missing shingles, our team has the expertise and knowledge necessary to assist you with quality repair services. Give us a call today to get started with a consultation.

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