How Maintaining Your Roof Can Save You Money

Preventative maintenance is a numbers game. Think about roof maintenance and how it can save you money, for example. Most times, it’s worth it to spend $200 on a simple repair, rather than take the chance on leaving it alone and watching it eventually grow to a $2,000 repair job. For home and business owners in Panama City, FL, the cost of roofing maintenance is often well worth it and a smart way to save money on roofing repairs in the long run.

If you’re up against a roofing repair that’s a couple hundred dollars and weighing the cost of preventative maintenance vs. waiting it out, remember all the ways being proactive with your roof can save you money:

  • Cost of repairs: When you have your roof evaluated for maintenance, you know what the cost is going to be up front. There’s no telling how expensive future repairs will be if you let that maintenance wait. A simple leak might cost $200 to fix or devolve into a $2,000 repair that takes several days to fix. Paying to maintain means not gambling with the cost of repairs.
  • Cost of future maintenance: Maintenance now means less maintenance later. Think about something like a roofing inspection that costs $150. This might give you insight into a developing problem—fixing a gutter or protecting flashing, for example—before it actually takes shape, which can save you money on dealing with that issue during the next inspection.
  • Cost of peripheral damage: There’s significant cost that goes along with unaddressed roofing damages. Fixing a leak doesn’t just cover the cost of repair—it also comes with the cost to replace whatever was water damaged. It can also mean paying for things like mold remediation or pest control. These costs add up quickly and are easily avoided with roofing maintenance.
  • Cost of insurance: Home and business insurance are already higher than you want to pay. The quickest way to see rate increases is to leave damages unchecked. When you submit a claim for roofing damages, an adjustor will be able to tell if you’ve let your roofing maintenance fall by the wayside. If you have, expect higher insurance costs. If you’ve stayed on top of maintenance, you likely won’t face rate hikes.
  • Cost of property value: Substantial roof damage can cause a significant drop in property value. Often, these are issues that could be avoided with routine maintenance. If you want to maintain the value of your property and avoid a loss of equity, make roofing maintenance a priority. Often, this is as simple as scheduling routine inspections or paying for a few minor repairs. It all adds up to retained home value in the tens of thousands.

It’s always important to consider roof maintenance and how it can save you money. For Panama City, FL home and business owners, it may be tough to spend a few hundred dollars on an unexpected roofing maintenance item, but it’s much easier to stomach than spending a couple thousand dollars on a repair that could’ve been avoided.

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