Reasons Why You Should Regularly Inspect Your Roof

The roof is arguably the most important part of any building. It safeguards you against Mother Nature and the elements, while also providing top-down support for the architecture of the building itself. It’s of vital importance that your roof is always in its best condition, which makes keeping an eye on it extremely important. There are more than a few reasons why you should inspect your roof regularly—especially against the constant climate threats present here in Panama City, FL.

Personal vs. professional inspection

Before we look at the benefits of roofing inspections, it’s important to distinguish between a general inspection and a professional one.

Anyone can do a cursory inspection of their roof and easily spot problems that are already too big for their own good. If you look up and see rust on your metal roof, algae growth on your tile or areas where water has clearly damaged it, call a professional immediately.

Unfortunately, most roofing problems aren’t so easy to spot—especially in their infancy. You might not see a cracked tile from the ground or spot a leaky area in its earliest stages of development. This is why it’s important to have a professional actually get up on a ladder and do a thorough inspection every year or even twice annually.

Reasons why you should inspect your roof regularly

The obvious reason to keep on top of roofing inspections is to prevent small damages and defects from becoming much bigger (and more expensive). But this isn’t the only reason to get on friendly terms with the team at Greg’s Roofing of Bay County, Inc.

Regular roofing inspections are the key to convenience. Every problem you catch and solve in its early stages is a problem you won’t have to deal with farther down the line. Let’s say a professional finds a cracked tile and a leak point that you didn’t initially see. Fixing it outright might come with a small cost; leaving it to get worse may result in a roofing project that takes the better part of a week to solve and an invoice with a comma in it.

There’s also the prospect of preventing further damage to your home or business. The roof is what holds it all together. A leak or roof damage can quickly become a threat to other important areas, such as compromised joists or damage to your ceiling. Or, if you’ve got anything in your attic, it runs the risk of being destroyed by water.

Make your roofing a priority

Panama City, FL is no stranger to hurricane weather and heavy storms of all varieties. The last thing you want is for hurricane season to roll around and take a swing at your roof, only to exacerbate underlying damages or unseen issues, making them infinitely worse. The best thing you can do is make yourself aware of your roof’s condition through a routinely scheduled inspection.

Still skeptical? The cost of a roofing inspection generally runs less than $300. The average cost of a two-day roofing job? More than $1,000 and climbing higher the more intense the damage and the longer the job. Even spending $600 on two professional inspections per year makes avoiding even one big-time repair worth it.

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