Everything You Should Know Before a Roof Inspection

Your roof is a critical part of your home. It’s the first line of defense when inclement weather and storms hit. From rain beating down on it to snow piling up on it, your roof is designed to protect the home from the elements, so when there’s even a small leak in the roof, you want to address it right away before it morphs into a larger problem like structural issues or mold.

Here’s why you should bring in roof inspectors before it’s too late.

When to call for a roof inspection

After a significant weather event like a major storm, it’s a good idea to request a roof inspection. You can start by looking in the attic and looking at the roof from the ground. This will give you a good idea of whether the roof needs immediate attention. Even if there aren’t any signs of problems, hiring a roof inspector is a wise idea anyway.

You should also call in roof inspectors during the fall before the cold weather sets in. You want to get to this early because cold temperatures may compromise new roof installations or repairs, as shingles won’t be able to seal properly in cold weather.

Some repairs should be initiated in the fall for completion in the spring, like treatments for lichen and moss. Both of these take a long time to work, up to six months. If moss or lichen are discovered during a fall roof checkup, you can get to them before winter begins; then the dead lichen may be rinsed or swept off during the spring.

Profession roof inspectors

Homeowners are able to spot clear roof problems like missing shingles or leaks inside the home without ever setting foot on the roof itself; however, there are other problems that won’t be obvious to the non-expert eye.

If you have a new roof that isn’t showing any signs of damage and there hasn’t been a major weather event, you can probably get by without a professional inspection for a few years. In all other cases (especially for roofs over 10 years old), you want a professional roof inspector to handle the job. They will know exactly what to look for.

Expectations for roof inspections

An expert will look for the following:

  • Structural inspection: This includes searching for uneven roof planes, signs of sagging and gutter system issues.
  • Material inspection: The inspector will look for missing, loose and curling shingles, along with moss and rust.
  • Interior inspection: Roof leaks often lead to damage to the home, so the inspector will search for water damage.
  • Workmanship inspection: The inspector will determine if there was any issue with the roof’s installation that could increase the risk of leaks or other damage.

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