How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof on Average?

A lot of customers ask roofers how long replacing a roof takes. The close thing you can get to the right answer is the average time, depending on various factors. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation. When it comes to determining how long professionals will take to complete the roof, it can take one to three days. So, if you’re asking, "How long to complete a roof replacement project?", below are a few factors that will affect the replacement time.


Weather contributes to how the project will go. If the roof replacement is being done during cold weather, a roofer will have to take extra but necessary steps, and this will take more time. It is also not a good idea to replace the roof when it is raining or snowing, as such weather will increase the duration for roof replacement. On top of that, roofs covered in snow, moisture or ice present unsafe working conditions, which most roofers would rather avoid.

Total House Size

This is pretty obvious, but a bigger home means a longer time replacing the roof. It will take a shorter time to replace the roof of a small cabin than on a sprawling estate.

Roofing Materials and Designs

Roofing materials are different, and each material and method will have a different time frame for installation. The common roofing materials and their average time frame for replacement are:

  • Concrete tiles: eight to nine days
  • Asphalt shingles: one to three days
  • Slate tiles: six to seven days
  • Wooden shingles: six to eight days

The design a homeowner wants the shingles to be laid will also contribute to the time frame. As expected, complex or intricate roofing designs require more time than a simple traditional or horizontal style.

Accessibility of Your Roof

Some homes have complex landscaping designs or rows of bushes that make access to the roof tricky. In such cases, roof replacement will be tricky. Also, in dense urban areas, houses are close together. This makes it difficult for roofers to bring in the equipment and take it out of the area.

Roof Steepness

If the roof is too steep, walking across it becomes difficult. There is also the risk of materials and other tools sliding off during installation. In such instances, roofers will need additional safety equipment. On the other hand, a roof with a shallow pitch means water runoff will be slow. Such roofs need special underlayment so that water does not penetrate the roof and leak into the house.

Historical Significance of a Home

Some homes are considered historical landmarks. As a result, they need extra time and care to avoid compromising the structural and historical integrity of the home. Such homes may also need special permits before work starts.

Structural Damage

If a roofer is only replacing the shingles, the job will be quick. But if there is some structural damage to your roof deck, some additional repairs have to be done first, which will take time.

The timeframe for a roof installation project depends on a lot of things because each roof has its own individual needs.

If you want to install a roof and are wondering how long it will take, get in touch with Greg’s Roofing of Bay County, Inc. We will come and inspect the roof, check whether it has any special considerations and give you an average timeline. Give us a call today.

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