What Type of Roof Is Best for My Commercial Building?

Getting the proper roofing for your commercial building is more vital than many think. Having a bad roof can mean that you don’t have quality time to focus on being more productive at your workplace. Additionally, a bad roof can lead to significant losses due to leakages during the rainy season, whereby the increased moisture inside your commercial building destroys your inventory.

There are various roofing options available in the market for commercial buildings. You are likely wondering — what do I consider when choosing the best commercial roof for my business?

Robustness, Energy Efficiency, and Cost

When it comes to robustness, a commercial roof that is installed and maintained well can last from between a decade to more than 50 years, depending on the type. In addition to this, check the energy efficiency of the commercial roof that you want. Some jurisdictions don’t allow less energy-efficient commercial roofs, and more energy-efficient roofs can result in pretty significant energy costs savings. Moreover, always keep the cost of installing or replacing a commercial roofing system in mind. Make sure you don’t give up durability and energy efficiency to pursue cheaper roofing solutions.

Top Commercial Roof Solutions

Now that you understand the considerations to make for commercial roofs, you must want to know — what types of commercial roofs can I choose from? Here are the top five commercial roof solutions.

  • Metal roofing

This roofing solution is highly preferred due to its outstanding durability (about 40 to 60 years lifespan). However, they are vulnerable to corrosion if not covered with a protective surface layer and can be costly. Some metal roofing options you can settle for are corrugated galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, and stainless steel.

  • Built-up roofing membrane

This commercial roofing option is made up of alternating tar and gravel and has a lifespan of about 20 years. How many layers you go for will impact the roof’s durability and cost, but it’s relatively easy to repair and expensive. You might have to add a UV-resistant coat to reflect heat.

  • Green roof

This roofing solution is created using a tough waterproof membrane and is fully covered with green plants. A green roof has a longevity of 30 to 50 years and is regarded as a sustainable masterpiece that offers a relaxation space for employees and improves air quality. You might get utility and government incentives for using this roofing solution.

  • Thermoset EPDM membrane

The EPDM roof system has excellent sunlight and pollution resistance. Moreover, it’s easy to install, versatile, and long-lasting. You should know that this roofing solution is not as aesthetically pleasing as other options.

  • Thermoplastic TPO and PVC roof membranes

TPO and PVC roofing options offer excellent durability and resistance to adverse conditions; they are lightweight and puncture resistant. However, you should be careful not to pick cheap, poor-quality options.

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