Metal Roofing in Panama City, FL

Metal roofing is highly durable and long-lasting, and the perfect addition to any home. But metal roofing is subject to the same coastal conditions as other materials, making it important to keep your Panama City, FL roof protected. Greg’s Roofing of Bay County, Inc. provides metal roof repairs and new installations, keeping homes looking great and protected from the elements. Whether you need tuff-rib roofing or a standing seam metal rail system, we’ll get it installed right.

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Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofing isn’t without its weaknesses and it needs repairs from time to time to stay durable. If your roof has issues caused by expansion and contraction, rust or corrosion, punctures or failed fasteners, give us a call to have them fixed. We know metal roofing and are quick to provide metal roof repair solutions that keep your roof strong, durable and reliable for decades to come.

Whether we installed it or someone else did, trust us to be your metal roofing contractor. We’ll do what it takes to keep your metal roof sturdy, so you can continue to rely on an investment in quality.

New Metal Roof Installations

It’s hard to beat the strength, durability and reliability of a metal roof installation. Metal roofing can reduce your cooling costs and they’re an eco-friendly choice for homeowners. With life spans as high as 70 years, a metal roof might be the last roofing investment you ever make! We’ll make sure it’s installed properly, so it protects your home completely.
Not only do we use the best in metal roofing products from trusted manufacturers, our installers are well-trained and very careful when installing metal roofing. We make sure your metal roof installation is protected against moisture, secured to your structure appropriately and ready to weather anything Mother Nature throws at Panama City, FL.

Get Durable Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Call Greg’s Roofing of Bay County, Inc. today at 850-769-7883 and let us make sure your roofing is repaired or installed with the greatest care, by a team that cares about your safety. From storm damage repairs to brand-new shingle, flat, or metal roof installations, we guarantee the job will get done right.